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Is This Really Christ's Tomb?  Experience Calvary and The Garden Tomb.  Panoramic Videos and
Interactive Maps.  The History and Archeology of the Sites.  Biblical References and Prophecies
Fulfilled.  Free Biblical Storytelling Audio.  Photo Galleries of the Location and Recent Visitors.
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Who Is This Jesus of Nazareth?  Experience New Understanding and Insight Into The Life of Jesus
Christ!  Free Music from "The Greatest Story Ever Sung."  Video Clips to Bring The Bible To Life.  
Experiential Meditations to Bring The Heart of Christ Into Your Own!
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What Does An Empty Tomb Have To Do With Your Life Today...In The REAL World?  Jesus
Arose from The Garden Tomb to be "The Living Evidence" of How Much God Loves Us, and How We
Are To Love Each Other.  Learn to Receive Jesus' Love...Then Share It!  In Your Marriage, Family,
Friendships, Workplace...Even In Your Church!  How To Spread His Love Around Your Your World.  
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On the third
day, several
women went to
the tomb and
found that the
Savior’s body
was not there.
(Matt. 28:1; John 20:1-2)
After the
died on the
cross, his
body was
placed in a
new tomb
cut out of
(Matt. 27:57-60)
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